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Board Certified Anatomic, Clinical, and Dermapathologist

Iowa Pathology Associates

If you are part of an anatomical or clinical pathology practice and in search of outside expertise in any aspect of your practice, look no further. Dr. Sirgi came to us highly recommended by multiple people and was able to provide a fresh perspective for us based on his many years of experience as a practice leader, a business owner, and practicing pathologist. He made himself available to all group members and staff and was always accommodating and personable. He was reassuring and motivational and helped us to appreciate our strengths while giving us tools to address our weaknesses. He is a wonderful asset to the field of pathology.

Chief Executive Officer

Incyte Diagnostics 

Dr. Sirgi has facilitated our past two shareholder retreats. He made a great effort to speak with our key stakeholders ahead of time to ensure that the agenda was as effective and applicable as possible, he gracefully handled “last minute edits”, and he executed flawlessly! He knew the personalities of the group and was able to gain their respect rather quickly. Dr. Sirgi guided effective dialogue and skillfully diffused overly vocal participants. His ability to weave in humor along with relative examples from his professional life was very helpful: It instantly increased his credibility and acceptance from our group. He was an invaluable asset to our meeting. I highly recommend Dr. Sirgi.

Our Pathology group was lucky enough to retain Dr. Sirgi's facilitation services for a few of our annual Shareholder retreats. His insight to current technology advancements in pathology and guidance on how to improve our governance structure was very helpful. I would recommend Dr. Sirgi's services to any group looking to improve business strategy in the medical environment. 

Executive Support/Legal/HR

Incyte Diagnostics

Board Certified Anatomic and Clinical pathologist,
Managing Partner

Pathology Reference Laboratory

I am blessed to have met Dr. Sirgi during my current tenure on the College of American Pathologists' Practice Managment committee. He is very accomplished in his pathology career, no doubt highlighted in his resume. But Dr. Sirgi is just more than this. He is a man who looks you in the eye, remembers your name, and listens to what you have to say. In all of his comments, he is sincere and bluntly honest. After only knowing him for a very short period of time, I feel I can trust Dr. Sirgi, in his counsel. And being a seasoned businesswoman, that is saying volumes!

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